SMD LD's current and outlook

SMD LD's current and outlook

Laser times Healthcare, "Zero-touch" home care becomes a market trend

"Technology always comes from human nature". A catchy Ad lines. Technology really exists in our lives. Closely linked you and me. Like the popularity of computers and internet. Technology has also penetrated our personal health. The pandemic of (COVID-19) since 2019, has changed the pace and development of the world. People also rely more on the convenience brought by technology. Among them, the promising LLLT low-energy laser health care, is the best example of the high-tech industry stepping into the health care field. In the past, laser treatment could only be operated by professional medical staff. With the highly mature development of the laser industry, various products for laser applications have appeared one after another. For example, acupuncture and moxibustion therapy with extensive and profound traditional Chinese medicine. The latest technology is to use the concept of laser acupuncture to replace needles pierced into the skin. "Safe, painless and non-invasive" Allow people to do simple treatments to relieve pain and sore body area at home. Smart home laser health care products like this, In the post-pandemic era, will become a new trend in our life.


What is LLLT?

LLLT (low-level laser therapy). Commonly known as low energy laser light therapy, is a new name accepted internationally. Wide range of uses, from beauty, hair growth, health care and pets care, you can see its applications everywhere. The basic idea is to use different wavelengths of laser light, penetrate skin in various depths. With appropriate energy to stimulate cells or strengthen some physiological response. Which contains:Stimulate acupuncture points, promote metabolism, relieve pain, promote wound healing etc.

Many laser products are currently available on the market, such as the very popular hair growth caps in Europe and America, it is the 650nm wavelength laser light that stimulates the hair follicles to promote hair growth, not like taking medicine will have side effects. Also, hair transplant will have expensive surgery costs. They basically used 3 times a week of laser cap, 15 minutes each time, a treatment that can be performed at home. This is the simplest and most effective way to grow hair. And it is convenient, and the CP value is high. And it got a great response in European and American markets. In an era were skyrocketing prices, declining of birth rate, instead, everyone pays more attention to their pets at home. Their health is getting great attention by their owners. We can also see the application of related products specially for relief pain of pets.
Demonstrate wearing a Laser hair growth cap


Professional Laser Packaging Technology Speed up the plan for the future

Laser Encapsulation technology currently used in the healthcare field, most of them use To encapsulation. Therefore, whether it is in use or production, will encounter high difficulty. To encapsulated in a multi-number design, need to cut the feet one by one during production, there will be complicated process such as manual plugin, solder…etc. Due to the characteristics of lasers that are easily damaged by static electricity. In addition to the high production man-hours during the manufacturing process, and many irreversible raw material losses. LECC has been specializing in the laser industry for more than 20 years. Accumulated profound knowledge and experience. And understand industry pulse and future trends. So, lead in the development of in the form of SMD package EEL laser. Except for save a lot of labor costs during the production process and reduce losses. At the same time, high energy, and concentrated as the laser beam of To package. It is not an exaggeration to say that it is the hottest photoelectric application technology in the future SMD LD, at present, it has been adopted by many well-known domestic and foreign manufacturers. Laser applications have been deployed in various fields ahead of schedule.


The advantages of smart laser health products

With the solid foundation of self-developed SMD LD, LECC also extends its antennae to the field of healthcare. Our Laser Belt of Photon Energy is the product that use the SMD LD. The warm belt that on the market can only work on the surface layer of the skin. On the other hand, laser can penetrate into the skin for 4~5mm. It can boost blood circulation and achieve the effect of relieving pain. By testing, generally, the size of the laser module of the TO package is thicker. There will be uneven discomfort when applying. But the light design of SMD LD, Ultra Mini Features make the product feel consistent and flat and enhance the comfort of use. In addition, the most noticeable, are the health care series products that apply with APP in cell phone. Easy to carry, can satisfy personal health care anytime.

LECC self-develop special APP for IOS and Android just for our products. Users can adjust using time and operation mode easily only through APP. As we know, people live in great pressure in modern life. They got different sore parts. We provide corresponding peripheral accessories such as ear care device, nose care device and handy laser healthcare device. Can stimulate acupuncture points of the fore area to achieve the effect of pain relief. In the generation of everybody carry a cell phone with them. The usage of smart laser health care products is no longer limited by time or space. Is the indispensable everyday weapon that you have.

LECC self-develop Super Mini Features SMD LD to achieve a uniform level of the product surface

Laser Health Care Series adopt EJOU APP control time and operation mode

Laser applications in life

Speak of laser, the first instinct everybody think of may be a laser pointer. But look around you, there’s lots of laser applications already exist in your living. Robotic vacuum cleaner, indispensable at home, through the laser as the transmitting terminal, build a complete map of the home after calculation. In addition, air purifier for detecting PM2.5, are using suspended particles pass through the laser detection channel, by diffuse the particles with laser, then calculate the air quality.


Exquisite "small" design be favored by the market

Along with increase of disposable income of people and popularization and application of internet, people demand for Smart, Exquisite and Convenience getting higher and higher. New consumption concept and new ways of consumption, driving the market and demand with fundamental change. Compact and convenient electronic products constantly innovate. From the pass so call Black King Kong's mobile phone, to the smart phone that we use right now. We are more rely on electronic products. Conform to market needs, manufacturers are constantly reducing their products to be portable. Even develop household products in the market.


Ultra-mini SMD LD

The rapid advancement of technology makes air pollution more and more serious. Come along with the demand of air quality detection greatly increase. Except for essential air detection of home air purifier, air quality detector is started to equip in car. And there’s lots of personal belongings to equip with air quality control sensor design coming. There for, how to miniature the laser module become the biggest problem of seize the market. LECC continuous efforts to develop the smallest laser module -- SMD LD. The size of the laser module only 2.5 x 2.65 x 6.15mm, and with accurate alignment. It can use SMT to mount the LD. Can save the time of manual adjustment and the difficulty of production.


First in the industry Super mini SMD Laser Module.


About LECC

LECC established in 2000. Dedicated to produce and marketing of Mid-to-high end laser module. We go through the rising of China, many times of transformation. Just like the word from the founder Mr. Tung “There is no cheapest, only cheaper”. Clear company positioning, not to compete with peers. What we want is to co-develop and grow with our customers. Through rich manufacturing experience and understand customer needs carefully. Tailor-made the most complete laser processing application solutions. On the other hand, LECC invest a lot of R&D manpower, continuously strengthen functional requirements, break out of the existing framework. Integrated internal resources comprehensively to maximize its effectiveness. Not only create a strong competitiveness for company, more importantly, we treat our staff as key talents. There for we have rapid growth in these years. Beside SMD series of laser module, we are investing in ToF, beauty and healthcare products developing. Will continue to be at the forefront of the market in the future. Raise the barriers for competitors to cut into and create our own blue ocean market.


Automatic production let the quality be consistent (The picture shows an automatic dispensing machine)

LECC GM Mr. Tung led the team to go hand in hand