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Pursuit of innovation is the DNA of LECC.

Facing the fast-growing optoelectronic industry and technology,
LECC strives for advanced innovation in terms of internal management or professional technology.
In order to maintain growth momentum in the booming medical equipment market,
by obtaining ISO 13485 medical equipment quality management system,
we have established excellent management processes
and tools to achieve good benefits and excellent quality.
Continue to activate, stirring up more sparks.


We believe in our own strength
and achieve the future of our customers.

LECC starts from the inside to create a comfortable working environment,
so that employees can give full play to their strengths and show confidence,
have the courage to break through the status quo and lead the trend,
and provide customers with high-quality and guaranteed services
to establish a foundation of trust with customers
and continue the company's sustainable operation. Brand Value.


Inspiring TEAM spirit.

A good internal culture of the organization, based on the mutual growth of the team
and the organization, within the company, actively participate in the activities of employees,
establish the most effective internal activities of the organization,
establish the organization and team spirit When communicating with customers,
we actively cooperate with the organization and communicate with customers.
Teamwork We provide training courses and consulting services for our customers,
and strive to provide perfect laser services.
At the same time, we provide professional in-depth training with the company's leading technology
and laser points in a wide range.


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