Lidar SLAM

It is a LiDAR system that detects the position, speed and other characteristic quantities of the target with a pulsed laser beam. The LiDAR sensor provides spatial information by scanning a beam with a wavelength of 850-1550nm and using the reflected light signal to build a three-dimensional map of the area. LiDAR provides high-resolution and unambiguous range and speed information, day or night.

Optical radar can not only be used for military purposes, but related data are also widely used in many aspects such as resource exploration, urban planning, agricultural development, environmental monitoring, transportation and communication, earthquake prevention and disaster reduction. In the industrial world, its design can be seen in autonomous driving, robots (such as sweeping robots, logistics robots), drones, and even the iPad Pro 2020 and iPhone 12 Pro series.

Part No. Voltage Current Optical power Wavelength Download
AL84600001 2.4 ~ 2.8V 180mA 50 ~ 60mW 852nm
AD79040003 2.3V 28mA 4mW 793nm
AZ81Z00002 5V 110mA 2.5mW 815nm
AL80K00003 1.9 ~ 2.5V 140mA 50 ~ 90mW 808nm


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