"SMD Laser Diode-3433" miniature debut!

Leading the pioneer, challenging the industry's smallest SMD LD

Appearance 3.4x3.3mm, weight only 0.01g

A key component of automated production, low-energy medical wearables!

The most perfect shape, the spot of light is close to a circle

Beam size < 6μm

M² ≃ 1

Low divergence angle Highly focused beam

Achieve our proud laser module

Customized small quantity proofing, OEM/ODM manufacturing

And provide safety and durability test reports

We have a reliable team and a series of professional testing equipment

Give you more competitive products and services

Professional Team

Possess Professional
Diverse Knowledge

Serving Global Markets

Bring the Best Laser
to the World

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To challenge & lead the world of laser modules.

We attach importance to the imagination of laser technology in every industry, and are not afraid of development challenges, leading customers to create innovative laser applications together.

Be ambitious in everything we undertake
To Seek out new opportunities &Overcome tough challenges



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