Hair loss laser therapy helmet

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Hair loss laser therapy helmet

The laser diodes are meticulously arranged in a hat format that fully covers the head, achieving an all-around irradiation effect. It precisely and effectively relaxes your tense scalp skin with a non-invasive and painless warm massage method, relieving fatigue and promoting blood circulation. Suitable for all hair types and scalp issues, it is recommended to maintain regular use as a daily care routine.

Currently, we have developed three specifications of laser caps: 160 wireless, 160 wired, and 202 wired. We can also customize the number of lasers and power according to your needs.

Key Features

All-round and complete coating
Presented in the form of a hat instead of a lid, it completely covers the scalp from multiple angles, and there is no need to hold it for a long time during the exposure, and it will not be affected if you want to slide your phone or use laptop.
 - Lightweight design
 - 5/15/30 min. mode (Varies by product)
 - Soft shell is suitable for each head size.


Wavelength: 650nm Laser Safety Classification: Class 2
Product Weight: 290 ±20g Maximum Optical Power: <1mW
Working Voltage/Battery Capacity: Varies by product Operating mode: continuous wave (CW)
Product Size: L210/W170/H82 ±5mm
Operating environment: temperature 10~40°C; humidity 30~75%
Transportation and storage environment: temperature -20~40°C; humidity 10~90%


- Avoid light exposure to your eyes directly for protect your eyes.
- Transformer is prohibited for use which may cause dangerous event.
- Do not use fast charging for this product, as it may cause danger.
- Please keep clean on the area of laser output, prevent the dirties affect energy transmission when use.
- Please keep it away from the touch by children or pets in order to avoid eating or touch components accidently.
- Do not use on pregnant women, who with skin disease, malignant tumor, wear pacemaker, initial wound within 72 hours, physical abnormalities and abnormal sensory nerves. Avoid to use it during the skin is sensitive, fragile and in rash or wounds condition. Please stop using it immediately and consult doctor if you feel any discomfort.
- Don’t use it with electronic medical equipment in order to avoid the malfunction or dangerous accidents.
- Please store it in dry, cool place and away from water. Please pay attention on moisture and falling during use.

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