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Laser Module

According to your needs for laser modules, we can make them for wavelengths ranging from red, green, blue, and even invisible light. Laser modules cover a wide range of applications, such as ranging, positioning, PM2.5, 3D printing, etc. We have related products for you to choose from.

In addition, according to the customer's application requirements, LECC can be adjusted for optical power, focusing distance, spot size, and mechanism. We can advise on the required specifications for different application areas. Or provide your current products for testing first, and then adjust according to your needs, and tailor-made the required specifications.

Customized Spec Sheet

Part No. Voltage Current Optical power Wavelength Download
AP45500001 5V 200mA 50mW 405nm
AL63000001 5V 75mA 0.39mW 635nm
AL63100001 3V 50mA 5 ~ 7mW 636nm
AD6050013 2.2 ~ 2.5V 12 ~ 25mA 2 ~ 3.5mW 650nm
AZ81Z00002 5V 110mA 2.5mW 815nm
AO82K00001 3V 200mA 100 ~ 120mW 825nm
AL80K00003 1.9 ~ 2.5V 140mA 50 ~ 90mW 808nm
S220610ACA 6V 120mA 20 ~ 30mW 450nm

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