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Laser Module

Breaking the stereotype of laser modules in the past, it is the smallest laser module in the industry. Welding method that can be used by both SMD and DIP, including high temperature resistant aspherical glass lens, the optical quality is further improved.

It contains NTC, which can control the temperature and adapt to the miniaturized design of high-end PM2.5. It can cooperate with automatic production to save manpower and man-hours in production.


  • The minimum size of the module is 2.3mm
  • Various welding methods
  • High precision and high sensitivity NTC temperature control


  • Particle sensors such as PM2.5


Laser Wavelength 650 nm
Dimension 2.5 x 2.65 x 6.15 mm
Output Power 4 mW
Operating Current <17 mA
Focal Length @5 mm <200 um
Part No. Voltage Current Optical power Wavelength Download
AD65040009 2.2 ~ 2.5V 17~25mA 2.5 ~ 4mA 650nm

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