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SLA 3D Printer

The light curing technology uses liquid resin as raw material, pours resin into the resin tank and soaks the printing platform in it, and then irradiates the printing platform with a light panel or laser UV beam, and the irradiated resin will be cured and formed. The platform is raised from the resin tank to form a stack of layers. Among them, it is often called SLA (laser), DLP (projector), LCD (LCD panel), etc. due to different lighting technologies.

With many years of laser manufacturing experience and research knowledge in cooperation with major academics, LECC has been focusing on creating a win-win situation with customers since its establishment based on the business philosophy of continuous and long-term service.

Part No. Voltage Current Optical power Wavelength Download
AD40F00002 5V 120mA 150mW 405nm


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