APC and TEC temperature control feedback circuits are included, which can be set through the software interface. Customers can arbitrarily adjust the focal length, power, wavelength and temperature of the module according to specific applications. The built-in cooling chip can provide stability performance even in harsh environments.

At the same time, it improves the measurement accuracy, stabilizes the optical output power and wavelength, and can perform continuous CW or TTL work.


  • Realize computer remote control
  • Infinite depth of field
  • APC drive circuit to make the optical output power safe and stable
  • TEC active cooling system keeps the laser module constant temperature


  • 3D scanner
  • Advanced Vision Inspection


Laser Wavelength 405, 450, 660, 850 nm
Input Voltage 12 V
Output Power <100mW Adjustable by software
Operating Current <1,000 mA
Beam Size Varies with different focal lengths
Part No. Voltage Current Optical power Wavelength Download
AP45600001 6 ~ 24V 20 ~ 500mA 0 ~ 70mW 450nm
AP66A00001 6 ~ 24V 20 ~ 500mA 0 ~ 100mW 660nm

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