PM2.5 Sensor

PM2.5 is the suspended particles in the air. When PM2.5 enters the nasal cavity, thoracic cavity and lungs through respiration, it will gradually deposit in various parts according to its size, and cause symptoms according to its different physical and chemical characteristics, which will lead to harm to human health.

At present, the sensors used for particle detection are divided into infrared and laser. The laser type has high precision and can be embedded in various small household appliances. It adopts the principle of laser scattering. The suspended particles pass through the laser detection channel to diffuse the particles, and then calculate the air quality.

Part No. Voltage Current Optical power Wavelength Download
AD65040004 3.3V 45mA 3 ~ 4mW 658nm
AD65040009 2.2 ~ 2.5V 17 ~ 25mA 2.5 ~ 4mW 650nm


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