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It contains APC circuit with stable light output power, also known as adjustable focus module. It can be focused according to the site conditions, and the energy distribution is uniform, which is a necessary product for high-level measurement.

It has the characteristics of high stability and small error value. It can also be used with various optical lenses such as DOE and Powell Lens to change various graphics, such as random numbers, parallel lines, cross lines, etc., and can perform CW or PW.


  • APC Control Board
  • Suitable for advanced module applications
  • Stable power output
  • Different patterns and wavelengths can be customized


  • AOI visual inspection
  • Precise positioning for medical use


Laser Wavelength 405, 450, 660, 850 nm
Input Voltage 5, 12, 24 V
Output Power According to
Customized Spec Sheet select
Operating Current Varies by LD type
Beam Size Can be adjusted according to
customer needs
Part No. Voltage Current Optical power Wavelength Download
FD6F04581A 12 ~ 24V 50 ~ 100mA 40 ~ 80mW 450nm
FD6F06681A 12 ~ 24V 45 ~ 100mA 50 ~ 80mW 661nm
AO45010001 20 ~ 28V 50mA 0.55 ~ 0.9mW 450nm
AD63F00001 5V 200mA 100 ~ 150mW 638nm
AD40F00002 5V 120mA 150mW 405nm

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