Nasal laser therapy device

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Nasal laser therapy device

Nasal laser therapy device emits a 650nm wavelength laser with a maximum output power of 5mW, targeting the nasal cavity or acupoints. This device safely introduces an appropriate amount of photonic light into the bloodstream.

Unlike traditional low-power laser products that are time-consuming and inconvenient for massage, the nasal care device uses red light to safely and non-invasively massage the nasal area. This helps to relax nasal muscles, relieve fatigue, and promote circulation.

Key Features

 - Olfactory Aroma Therapy
 - Relaxation of Nasal Muscles
 - Compact and Portable
 - Convenient and Safe to Use Anytime, Anywhere


Wavelength: 650nm Laser Safety Classification: Class 2M
Product Weight: 20g Maximum Optical Power: <1mW
Working Voltage: 3-5V, 40mA(MAX.) Operating mode: continuous wave (CW)
Product Size: L50/W15 ±3mm(Doesn't include wire length)
Operating environment: temperature 10~40°C; humidity 30~75%
Transportation and storage environment: temperature -20~40°C; humidity 10~90%


- Avoid light exposure to your eyes directly for protect your eyes.
- Transformer is prohibited for use which may cause dangerous event.
- Do not use fast charging for this product, as it may cause danger.
- Please keep clean on the area of laser output, prevent the dirties affect energy transmission when use.
- Please keep it away from the touch by children or pets in order to avoid eating or touch components accidently.
- Do not use on pregnant women, who with skin disease, malignant tumor, wear pacemaker, initial wound within 72 hours, physical abnormalities and abnormal sensory nerves. Avoid to use it during the skin is sensitive, fragile and in rash or wounds condition. Please stop using it immediately and consult doctor if you feel any discomfort.
- Don’t use it with electronic medical equipment in order to avoid the malfunction or dangerous accidents.
- Please store it in dry, cool place and away from water. Please pay attention on moisture and falling during use.

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