Optical Fiber

The side-emitting optical fiber has a high degree of freedom in modeling, energy saving and environmental protection, and a long and uniform light guiding distance. It is widely used to outline building outlines, road lighting guidance and indoor fiber optic strip lights, and even used in automotive ambient lighting and other projects.

LECC Technology has integrated in-depth management from R&D, proofing, and production, and provides customized solutions to meet customer needs. It has the manufacturing capacity and stable quality of mass production at any time, saving development time. It is worth mentioning that we provide various professional training courses and various laser application consulting services to strengthen the client's understanding of laser applications and hope to maximize the benefits of use.

Part No. Voltage Current Optical power Wavelength Download
AZ63120001 2.2 ~ 2.5V 44 ~ 55mA 12mW 637nm
AZ51010001 5.4 ~ 7V 60 ~ 100mA 10mW 515nm
AZ45850001 5.1 ~ 6V 84 ~ 120mA 85mW 450nm


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