AOI automatic optical inspection is a high-speed, high-precision optical image inspection system. It uses machine vision and Rule-based Algorithms as the basis to measure the size specifications of finished products and semi-finished products or detect abnormalities such as foreign matter adhesion and appearance defects, and can improve the detect quality stability, greatly shorten product testing time, and thus reduce production costs.

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Part No. Voltage Current Optical power Wavelength Download
FD6F04581A 12 ~ 24V 50 ~ 100mA 40 ~ 80mW 450nm
FD6F06681A 12 ~ 24V 45 ~ 100mA 50 ~ 80mW 661nm
AP45600001 6 ~ 24V 20 ~ 500mA 0 ~ 70mW 450nm
AP66A00001 6 ~ 24V 20 ~ 500mA 0 ~ 100mW 660nm
AP45500001 5V 200mA 50mW 405nm


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