[Laser Special Issue] The new fashion revolution of red light health care

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[Laser Special Issue] The new fashion revolution of red light health care


Hair loss and baldness are one of the common problems in modern times. There are a variety of hair care / hair growth products on the market, especially wearable devices - laser hair growth caps attract attention, the principle of which is to stimulate the mitochondria of hair follicle cells to produce adenosine triphosphate (ATP) through (Low-level laser therapy), so that weaker hair follicles are easier to get blood flow and energy, enter the growth phase, and then begin to grow hair, which is a tool to assist hair growth.


LECC has been a well-known foreign laser cap foundry for many years, with deep laser expertise, looking at the future trend of home laser health care, and creating its own brand bioveeta. At present, the laser hair growth cap on the market mostly uses monochrome cap shells, such as white, gray, etc., and the appearance of the product presents a simple and neat industrial feeling.After the market survey, the team came up with a bold idea, extending the hat decoration culture of the British royal family, using MEDLite SUPPORT® thermoplastic sheet to achieve an eye-catching exaggerated hat decoration silhouette, and the interior is embedded with 202 laser diodes, covering a wide range of shapes, both appearance and practicality! It is also the industry's only conceptual laser wearable device, allowing you to immerse yourself in British aristocratic culture and enjoy a ceremonial experience while maintaining hair at home.



The culture of hat decoration has taken the storm

The modern British royal family's well-known "hat decoration culture" can be traced back to Renaissance Italy, when Italian commerce boomed, creating a wealthy class that pursued fashion taste, and this trend quickly spread to European courts, although with the gradual passage of time, hat decoration culture once declined, and was even regarded as old-school, but because of the insistence of the Queen of England, the custom of wearing top hats was preserved, and this custom was widely imitated.


The master hat artist, who has many royal customers, said: "Hats are about emotions, about how they make you feel, and I like hats that make my heart beat faster." For the British, hat design is not only a profession, but may even go beyond clothing to become a treasured work of art, and may also become a symbol of culture and attitude.  

Play with creativity between tradition and modernity

Tradition is the accumulation of time, a memory that is deeply rooted in the mind. The "Tropical Floral Red Light Hair Growth Cap" designed by bioveeta Shuyan Light Technology maintains the core elements of laser stimulation of hair follicle hair growth, challenges the appearance of hair growth caps on the market, and selects the light, breathable and strong TSM patented smart material - polymer biosoluble 3mm three-dimensional fiber cloth, which uses its own thermoplastic characteristics to shape a wide brim in one piece, and combines it with breathable fabric for more comfortable wearing!


( picture / 台北智慧材料 )

The hat décor design is designed to create a dazzling, vibrant visual effect, its design can be very diverse, in different shapes, materials and light patterns to present, combined with a variety of different colors of flowers and leaves, each design gives the hat a unique charm, so that the wearer is confident and distinctive, in addition to providing fashion beauty, but also combined with optoelectronic biotechnology, the use of science and medical theories, for people to design convenient and effective scientific and technological health care products.


You can see our manufacturing R&D strength on this tropical floral red hair growth cap, compared with the general laser hair growth cap, SMD packaging makes the overall volume of the product smaller, reduce weight, and the design inside the cap is more flat; The 202 laser diodes cover all areas common to male baldness, the energy is concentrated on the affected area, it is recommended to use it three times a week for 15 minutes each time, and you will soon see the results.


The scenery on top, born of the hat/h3>

Bioveeta uses LLLT (Low-level laser therapy) low-energy red light therapy as the cornerstone of technology, and innovative laser technology as the basis for development, precisely locks the wavelength range, conducts the energy of "Shuyan Light" deep into the bottom layer of the skin, delivers key nutrients to stimulate cell regeneration, and restarts the natural metabolic cycle, which has been proven to be a painless, non-invasive and effective treatment.


"Tropical Laser Cap" is specially designed for you who have excessive hair loss, it can strengthen hair follicle cell renewal, make the scalp and hair follicles healthier, promote blood circulation, provide more nutrients and oxygen to the hair follicles, thereby promoting the healthy growth of hair, making hair stronger strands, prolonging the life cycle of hair, slowing down the rate of hair loss, promoting the regeneration and repair of hair follicle cells, and restoring the healthy state of damaged hair.


Laser health specialist Bioveeta.

Bioveeta is committed to developing laser health devices to improve public health and well-being, and has become a leader in trends and applications.


"Our expertise and technology make perfect health care products; Our confidence comes from a wealth of expertise.";


Paying attention to the health of the public and starting from personal life health care is the original intention of bioveeta.


We have a young team that has been studying medical lasers for a long time, rationally integrating Eastern moxibustion meridians and Western energy medicine in the most rigorous and scientific way, making laser health care technology living and popularizing, and providing people with comfortable, effective and safe laser health care products. I hope that home care will become a part of daily life, so that you and I can 'care for life, care for health'.


Bioveeta is health-oriented, integrating laser health care technology into life, providing comfortable and effective, non-harmful health care equipment, realizing a full range of home health care concepts, we rely on decades of expertise and advantages in the field of laser technology, bringing cutting-edge science into our daily lives, this non-invasive and latest scientific evidence technology, will redefine our health future.


Bioveeta, the laser health care brand that accompanies your life, will become an indispensable part of your life, and there are many more possibilities in the health and wellness industry. And we, Bioveeta Optical Technology, are trendsetting leaders.


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