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[Taiwan Business News] Taiwan Laser Exhibition LECC Show laser manufacturing strength


The leading manufacturer of professional laser modules - LECC has been established for more than 20 years, and has always been committed to the development and manufacture of high-end laser modules. Low energy laser therapy. Compared with LED (light-emitting diode), LD (laser diode) has more concentrated and direct energy to the affected area. The developed products include pain relief, skin care, and hair care series. It has multiple product lines, providing effective, convenient operation and Non-invasive home light therapy option. Mr. Neil Tung, chairman of the board, hopes to use professional optoelectronic technology to step into the terminal market, develop laser health care devices to improve public health and well-being, aim to become a laser health care expert, and educate the market on the benefits of red light laser therapy.


In order to optimize the capacity of the production line, LECC introduced an automatic dispensing machine.

The key component used in the product is SMD LD (Surface Mount Laser Diode), the size is only 3.4mm×3.3mm, which makes it possible to realize the light, thin and short product volume. LECC's laser wavelength range includes 400nm ~ 980nm (UV to IR infrared), and the covered laser beams are point, line, and surface. In response to the beam pattern required by the customer's terminal, LECC can provide customized solutions and meet the requirements Provide all-round customer consultation for various application needs of customers, provide professional training courses for various industries, and shorten the communication time. In order to meet the market trend and continue to expand production capacity and improve manufacturing process, laser module automation equipment is introduced to make output and quality more stable. At the same time, the products have passed ISO/FDA/TUV and other quality, safety and environmental certifications.

LECC products can be customized according to different needs. The picture shows the DOE series, and the beam can be adjusted according to the needs of customers.

LECC will usher in the most important exhibition in the industry - Taiwan Laser Show, from 8/23 (Wed) to 26 (Sat) at P1210 on the first floor of Taipei Nangang Exhibition Hall 2. The exhibition theme is divided into SMD patch type Packaging series, SMD finished product application, EEL series and electric adjustable focus laser module, DOE diffractive optical element, customized laser module, high-power laser module series, welcome people from all walks of life who are interested in optoelectronic technology Come to communicate, witness the brilliance of laser technology, and participate in the feast of global technology.

LECC attaches great importance to the imagination of laser technology in every industry, is not afraid of development challenges, and leads customers to create innovative laser applications together. For more latest news, please lock https://www.lecc.com.tw or ​​search Facebook "迪伸電子-上海富伸光電 LECC" or call (03) 451-1967, there will be Someone is at your service!


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